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About us


Mats Nordström, innkeeper at Härön.

Mats started his career in 1985 at Hotel Gothia. He then went on to Långedrags Värdshus, The Gable's restaurant in Australia, The Place, Volvo's representative dining room, Thorsskogs's Castle, Varberg's Coast Hotel, Tjolöholm's Castle, Sjömagasinet and Fiskekrogen. 16 years of theese as head chef.

Alongside the restaurant job Mats is working extensively as a lecturer in the fish and seafood section at Grythyttan, and on several of the country's postgraduate courses with a focus on seafood. Mats has managed more than 20 Royal dinners and foreign State visits. He is also the 2006 winner of the gold medal Swedish Gastronomy and Swedish Champion in home cooking in 1997.

Maybe Mats is still best known as catering & event manager for many of Gothenburg's largest events over the years, such as Volvo Ocean Race at Eriksberg, World Wide V.O.R with team S.E.B. Göteborg's party, later Culture party, The opening on the TUR fair for many years in a row, The Match Races at Marstrand in 5 years, the gala dinner for Volvo's 75th anniversary and this year, 2015, was the seventh year in a row that Mats is responsible for the food in the music festival Way Out West in Slottskogen!



About the island

Heröy, Herö, Herrö, Herrön... Dear child has many names. This name is believed to derive from norskans "haer" as in skeppshär. Pronounced Herrön.
This beautiful small island with only 120 houses, a nature reserve with unique flora & protected plants surrounded by blue sea.
To get to the island one used the "Doris", a special kind of rowing boat. A flat-bottomed wooden boat, usually 16 feet with transverse bottom boards & 3 or 4 longitudinal boards. Some Doris are preserved & can be seen on the piers.

The oldest houses are descended from late 19th century & is so-called single houses. Double houses were built in the early 20th century. Electricity came to the island during the 1930's & modern Water & Sewer facility in 2004.
In 1847 the Magasin was built as a oat storehouse, it shows the wind vane on the roof.
The Magasin on Härön has over the years been used as herring saltery & shop.
Until 1988 the Magasin was a year round driven store in the area that today is the restaurant kitchen. Another 10 years to come was the store open during the summer only until it closed for good in 1998. Then began the delicate red building fall into disrepair until a careful restoration was carried out in 2003 & the Magasin became a restaurant.
In addition to treat oneself to something good on the Magasin's pier you can take long walks on the island which is completely car-free.

Various hiking trails runs through the nature reserve on the island.
South on Stavslundsholmen, where you in clear weather at the highest point in the South can see the characteristic silhouette of the fortress of Carlsten at Marstrand, Lighthouse Troubadour and in a few years the refurbished Lighthouse Paternoster.
Or West to agriculture "Änga", over rocks & scuttled mark.
Which ever way you choose, it takes about 4 hours to go.
Do you have a pram or bad knees, a walk on the paved road along the Strait instead.

Magasinet, 471 90 Kyrkesund • 0304-66 40 20 •