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Always at the Magasin

The great shrimp sandwich Organic rye bread, MCE-tagged shrimp, salad, egg and mayonnaise
Moules Frites Organic clams from Mollösund, aioli, grilled lemon and fresh fries
½ kg 199kr/ 1 kg 255kr
Fish & ChipsDeep fried cod tail, fresh fries, grilled lemon and a green pea and avocado cream
Pan Seared mackerel fillet Sauteed summer vegetables, new potatoes served with Sandefjord sauce flavoured with gooseberry and herring
Brisket burgerServed medium, brioche bread, cheese, bacon mayonnaise, pickled red onion and fries
Nordström's seafood saladShrimp, scallop, bacon, Nobis dressing, roasted pine kernels, grated parmesan, sultanas and croutons
Magasinet, 471 90 Kyrkesund • 0304-66 40 20 •